Insightful Words/Phrases from "In Touch" Magazine -- by Pastor Charles Stanley

"Jesus must have unhindered access to our lives."

"We will experience the joy of intimacy with him."

"Confidently trusting the Lord brings many blessings. These include spiritual growth, personal achievement,peace,and influence."

"In turn, we will experience the Holy Spirit's presence, provision, power-and as a result, spiritual growth"  

"We build confidence in God by meditating on His Word, knowing who he is, and drawing near to Him through prayer."

" Faith increases as a result of our obedience in little things."

"Perspective is important because it determines whether we live in discouragement or hope, turmoil or peace, dissatisfaction or joy."

"All things are from God."

"A divine viewpoint does not come naturally, it requires faith in the truth of God's word."

"To experience comfort and have it flow through us, we must suffer some heartache.  There's power in the touch of a person who has been in the valley.  Someone who experiences pain does not offer empty words but hope."

" Joseph took with him faith in God."

" Bitterness is a toxin that we prepare for someone else but then drink ourselves."

"antidote: forgiveness"

"Forgiveness is the choice that pleases God every time."

"A root of bitterness will NEVER produce healthy fruit."

"Pull the source of resentment out of its hiding place (the root).  Expose it and give it to God who knows how to cultivate the heart."

" The Lord told them that if they had faith "as small as a mustard seed" they could do great things."

"Faith and obedience go hand and hand -- You cannot have one without the other.  They grow simultaneously as they are practiced but will wither if neglected."

"Great faith begins with little steps."

"God considers each of His commands important and promises to reward every act of obedience, regardless of  size."

"The Holy Spirit dwells within us so He can guide and empower us to carry out divine plans. Our part is to obey."

"My heavenly father is faithful and trustworthy."

"By rejecting the way of faith and obedience, we're actually choosing the path of unbelief and sin."

"God will never instruct us to do anything unless he has a specific, sovereign purpose for it." Ref. - Jer. 29:11

"Apart from the supernatural involvement of almighty God, every bit of self-effort is in vain."

"Trust in the purpose and plan.  You'll never know the reward until your're willing to take the risk-and the greater the risk, the greater the reward."

" The Bible is a guidebook mapping the route to our eternal home.  Bur travelers must read and follow the directions."

"Never let guilt or shame keep you from the Lord.  Forgiveness and restored relationships await all who are willing to listen, confess and repent."

"When we use scripture to speak to the heavenly father, our conversation contains his won divine authority."

"Communion with the Lord is vital to a healthy, vibrant relationship with him."

" Remember that lifting our loved ones before God's throne is far more important than many tasks which seem more pressing."

"It's important to realize that obeying God is always the right choice." 

"We must make a wholehearted commitment to follow the Lord and consistently apply Scripture to our decision making.  Then, when challenges come, we will have the courage to obey God's commands."

"Obedience glorifies our Lord and pleases him."

"The Holy Spirit can draw us and move our thoughts toward the Lord."

"Salvation occurs when we trust Jesus as our Savior."

"The Holy Spirit is a member of the Trinity and co-equal with God the Father and God the Son."

"The Holy Spirit is a gift to every child of God."

"However, even after salvation, we have the capacity to do wrong as long as we remain in the carnal body."

"Specifics for standing firm in Christ: Arm yourself with God's word, and seek his protection and wisdom."

"For the guarantee of eternal life to take effect, there is but a single requirement - that we enter into a personal relationship with Christ."

"The Lord himself registers our name in the Lamb's book of life" (Rev. 21:27)

"Remember that our omniscient God has perfect timing.  You can trust Him."

"Whoever listens to God's word with an open heart and alert mind will receive from Him."  

"Read Psalms 31 --"My times are in thy hand" - A Psalm of David."

His Wisdom -- "We make choices  based on partial information, whereas He has the wisdom to take action based on truth."

His Unconditional Love -- "Our creator is always motivated by love and constantly has our best in mind. Unless we trust in His heat, our view of reality will be distorted."

His Perfect Sufficiency -- "At just the right time, God will provide us with everything we need to carry out His plan."

"Our greatest treasure is Faith." 



  1. I have been blessed by Charles Stanley's ministry over the years. :)

  2. Hi Stacie!!

    Amen. He provides practical wisdom in his devotions and I gain needed perspective from them(: Take care lady!!