Thursday, November 4, 2010

Week #5's Challenge -- Focus on the kitchen, the heart of the home. Cook things with pleasant aromas

I plan to make Banana Nut Bread with the family.  I love the aroma and the "I'm Home" feeling it brings.

Last week's Update:  Our family decided to watch movies and cuddle in the living room.  Halfway through, I hear snoring and deep breathing from my husband and our daughter:).   It was  a good time.  However, we didn't have a  pillow fight.  No reason, just didn't happen.  Overall, the tenderness and togetherness, we enjoyed!!

Until next time....

I Accept Grace and Defeat Guilt

Bonnie, these sentences from your post,"Are you Motivated by Grace or Guilt?  Shake Off Feelings of Guilt":

1.) Giving thanks means I have to let go of trying to fix the past -- and start focusing on the changes God wants me to make in the future.
2.) Being thankful calls me to live as beloved and favored child through my Heavenly Father’s eyes -- rather than holding an angry or frustrated attitude towards my imperfections.

is how I overcame my feelings of guilt.  Without accepting/ believing God's promise of grace, I would remain unmotivated to change my thought and choice patterns.

Until next time....

Cultivating Inner Wisdom

It is vital I spend "quiet time" with God.   This cultivates inner wisdom.  I can always tell when I haven't been diligent.  My disposition and perspective changes.  Daily, I continue to learn, grow, and discover.  The two previous GMG posts line up with promises I made to myself awhile ago; ("Praying Intentionally" and "I Have a Wonderful Counselor").  I am so thankful to be a part of GMG.  I know I made a wise decision.

Until next time....