Monday, February 28, 2011

Titus 2 -- Project #9: A Self-Controlled Tongue

I'm participating in a project hosted by ;  written by Ashley Wells. 

This week, let’s use our words only for good. No complaining. No harsh tones. No negative, hurtful speech.
I know that this may be hard for some of you. Or maybe a little too big. If you feel like this challenge is too high, then focus on one particular area (complaining, harsh tones, etc…) and try to rid your speech of it this week!

I am continuing my "fruit of the spirit" journey.  I am better but I have yet to bring this to fruition.

Update:  Since the challenge, I have been "intentional".  I paused before I spoke.  Especially after I told our son to clean his room and it was not done.  I was mindful to take a deep breath and use a gentle yet firm tone.  I am better and experiencing a "fruit filled" disposition(:.  God, I thank you!

Until next time....

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Faith,Obedience, Action

Didn't link a post for week 4:(.  I'll get it done soon.  Here's what I've learned so far in Wk 5:

S.  James 2:14-22

O.  v.14 - I have faith but my actions are sometimes contrary to God's word. 
      v.15 - If someone needed food/clothing
      v.16 - Words alone do not provide.  I must act.
      v.17 -  Faith must be coupled with action(s)
      v.18 - People will see your faith by your works and vice versa.
      v.19 - Demons tremble. They fear and understand God's power
      v.20 - Faith without "ACTION" is dead, worthless, futile.
      v.21 - Abraham had FAITH and was OBEDIENT.    
      v.22 - His faith was not dead. It was complete when he acted on it.

A.  I must remain faithful, obedient and be a "doer" of the word.
      Provide help when their is a need.  Teach. 

P.  I must alway stay in prayer.

Until next time....                  

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What I Wished Someone Told Me About Marriage

I'm participating in the "Faith Barista Jam on Thursdays".  Each week Faith poses a question.  Bloggers and non-bloggers are free to comment or post.  The only requirement she has is to "keep it real".  Click on it!

Well....I wish someone had told me how hard it was going to be.  

I wish someone had told me how much I would have to "die" to myself once we had children.

I wish someone had told me that I might grow in one direction and he may grow in another.

I wish someone had told me how priceless it is that I must "respect" my husband and he will give me the "love" I need/desire.

Undeniably, while on this marriage journey, I can honestly say I am and continue to become a better wife/mother.  I understand what it really means to sacrifice and see with "unconditional eyes".  How important it is to communicate what you need and not expect him/her to "already know".   I am glad, even through the dark and uncertain times, we are still in love.

Until next time....

Thursday, February 3, 2011



I forgot to post wk.2 and link up:(.  I'll get it done soon.

Here's what I learned so far in "James" for Wk. 3:

S.  James 1: 19-25

O.  v.19.) Quick to hear and slow to speak.
      v.20.) Anger leads to unrighteousness
      v.21.) Accept God's uneraseable word.
      v.22.) "Act" on God's word.  "Listen" means to HEAR and DO.
      v.23-24.) We forget God's word when we don't act/practice/listen/obey it.
      v.25.) When I "listen", I am BLESSED and forever changed(:

A.  Be TORTOISE-LIKE. With love, choose my words and actions. "LISTEN"

P.   I must always stay in prayer.

Until next time....