Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Faith,Obedience, Action

Didn't link a post for week 4:(.  I'll get it done soon.  Here's what I've learned so far in Wk 5:

S.  James 2:14-22

O.  v.14 - I have faith but my actions are sometimes contrary to God's word. 
      v.15 - If someone needed food/clothing
      v.16 - Words alone do not provide.  I must act.
      v.17 -  Faith must be coupled with action(s)
      v.18 - People will see your faith by your works and vice versa.
      v.19 - Demons tremble. They fear and understand God's power
      v.20 - Faith without "ACTION" is dead, worthless, futile.
      v.21 - Abraham had FAITH and was OBEDIENT.    
      v.22 - His faith was not dead. It was complete when he acted on it.

A.  I must remain faithful, obedient and be a "doer" of the word.
      Provide help when their is a need.  Teach. 

P.  I must alway stay in prayer.

Until next time....                  

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