Monday, October 4, 2010

Day #1-- Candles of Peace

At 6:17 am, I lit two candles.  (I decided to use what I had.)  As I lit each candle I prayed a prayer of peace for my husband, our children and myself.  I began to immediately think about "being intentional".  For me, it is a visual reminder to focus on God and all of his promises.

Mornings are hectic because our children are back in public school.    My disposition with our children was  gentle and self-controlled.  They  were peaceful.  My husband was calm and loving. I had peace and discovered  a sense of motivation.  This morning got off to a peaceful start.... I'm thankful!            

(sorry about the picture quality.  However, I think it does have a unique unintentional visual effect:-)     Until next time....


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