Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm In!

The De-cluttering Challenge:  Hosted by "Simple Mom"; click to participate.

Here’s how it works:

1. On Monday, I’ll announce that week’s “hot spot” project.
2. You’ll have the week to declutter, clean, and organize that area — don’t forget to take “before” and “after” photos (no straightening up ahead of time, either!).
3. On Friday, I’ll reveal my own “before” and “after” photos.
4a. You’ll also post your photos and write about your experience on your own blog, then link to it on Simple Mom.
4b. If you don’t have a blog, you can share your “before” and “after” photos in theSimple Living Flickr pool, describing your experience in the photos’ description. (You can also do this even if you have a blog.)
5. Rest from the week’s hard work by browsing everyone else’s photos (and find inspiration for the next project!).
6. Cross your fingers in hopes that you’ve won that week’s giveaway.

"Choose Life"
Until next time....

Well it's next time.  Here are my De-Clutter Hot Spot #2 pics - Paper Clutter:

We check homework, conduct research, reteaching, teaching, put mail, I blog, listen to music and eat here at our kitchen table.   I know. It's CLUTTERED!!!!


 After pic#1

After -- pic#2

I will not allow it to look that way again.  It's been about two weeks and it still looks good!!!

I am proud of myself(:

"Choose Life"

Until next time....


  1. This is a great challenge, girl. I know I have hot spots throughout my home. Thanks for sharing this--it's encouraging!

  2. Thank you Stacie. I didn't participate in the other three. I am glad I did it and I am being diligent and intentional. Always thankful and glad when you stop by(:

    Take care girl!