Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I'm Back(: -- "Making Your Home A Haven Challenge" -- Wk1

Hey Ya'll!!!

I am slowly making my way back to the Blogosphere(:  I am participating in,

I decided to place my candle(s) in our fireplace.  I got the idea from Tia and Tamera's (Stars of "Sister Sister") blog.  We rarely make a fire and I wanted to get some use out of it.  My heart was pleased when my husband ask, "Why are you doing that?"  I told him, " I'm participating in a challenge.  I light the candles and pray prayers of  peace, protection, and wisdom for our family"  He replied with a nod of  his head.

Here's a pic below:

Click over to and join in!!

Until next time....


  1. Gertha, I love your new blog design; it's so pretty. Fall is my FAVORITE season and so this just jumped out to me.
    Lighting candles in the fire place is such a great way to use the space. I'm not participating in the challenge this year, but I always think of it everytime fall rolls around.
    I'm glad you're back!!!!

  2. Hi Stacie,

    Thank you for the compliment! I am so glad to be back(: In a sense, I feel as if I'm starting over. Life is busy but I am constantly strengthened by God's word. Take care lady and thanks for visiting!!