Monday, June 14, 2010

The Cook's Dating Story

(First picture we took at a photo gallery in Andalusia, AL.--  James (21) Gertha (19))

My husband James and I met in 1992 at Lurleen B. Wallace State Jr. College in Andalusia, AL.  I was 19.  He's from Mobile, AL and I'm from a little town forty-five minutes South of Albany, Ga called Morris, Ga.
  At the time, I was dating someone else. Consequently,  I found out he was seeing another girl besides me.  I was hurt, a little.  However,  in my heart , I liked James from the start.  I used to watch him in the backyard from my bathroom window of our apartment complex.  ( Our college didn't have dorms so we lived in apartments)  I wanted to make sure that he liked me too because I didn't want to get hurt again.  I would speak and we'd oddly end up in the same places.  Later, I discovered he was watching me as well:-).

We couldn't stand to be away from each other.  He was always on my mind.  I love how he would always be there when I needed him, give me what I needed and put me first.  I graduated in 1992 from LBW and transferred to Alabama A&M University in Huntsville, AL.  We'd write letters and had an ENORMOUS phone bill:-).  We were miserable apart.  But, being who he is, he transferred to Athens State to be near me.  I love him for that.  I miss that feeling and that energy.

I'm going to let him know/show him just how much I love and  appreciate him.  He's such a remarkable provider for our family.

This is us 14 years and two children later.


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